World Health Day Celebration at ASCI

World Health Day Celebrations held today at Dr. Kakarla Subba Rao Centre for Health Care Management at Administrative Staff College of India: Inspiring session delivered by Dr Ramesh PV IAS (R), former Chief Secretary of Government of Andhra Pradesh and former Special advisor to Chief Minister of AP to the ASCI Hospital Management Batch 16 students. Reflecting on the progress in Health Care in our country, Dr Ramesh highlighted the importance of Technology and Data Management in Health Care.

National Healthcare Management Conclave

healthcare conclaveA day-long National Healthcare Management Conclave conducted by the ASCI’s Centre for Healthcare Management witnessed enlightening speeches, resourceful presentations and lively discussions on November 20, 2015.

Padmashree Dr B.Soma Raju, renowned cardiologist and Chairman, Care Group of Hospitals, in the inaugural, set the tone for the Conclave by posing a question to the audience: “‘How many of you think that you are safe in hospitals?”

Even as majority of them felt that they were not feeling safe in hospitals, the world-renowned cardiologist listed out six key issues—safety, efficiency, patient-centeredness, timeliness, effectiveness and equitability and said: “With technology came new problems. When people think that hospitals are not safe, we definitely need to adopt innovations.” In this backdrop, Dr.Soma Raju observed that the Conclave is ‘well-founded.’

Healthcare conclave at ASCI“Not only poor but also rich don’t get proper care in the system we are working. Since third party pays for it, there are a lot of unnecessary procedures in place,” he observed. He drew the attention of the audience to how complex the healthcare system had become with several stakeholders in it

The ASCI Journal of Management – special issue on Healthcare- was released by Dr Soma Raju in the presence of the former NIMS Director Dr.Kakarla Subba Rao, ASCI Director General Mr.Ravi Kant, Dean of Training Programs Dr.Usha Ramachandra, ASCI’s Healthcare Management faculty Dr.Bhawna Gulati.

Dr. M. Chandrashekhar, CEO, Aarogyashri Healthcare Trust, Dr. Balaji Utla Ex CEO HMRI, Dr. Hemanth, Vice Chairman, Century Hospital, Dr. R.P.Singh, CEO, Indo American Cancer Hospital, Dr.Vishnu Reddy, COO, Yashoda Hospital, Dr. Hemalatha Rangachari, eminent Gynaecologist, Dr. Guruva Reddy, MD & CEO, Sunshine Hospital, Mr. Tarun Siripurarpu, Founder & MD, The Birthplace, Mr. Venkat Chengavalli, Dr.Malini Reddy took part in panel discussions.

While Mr.Anand Apte, MD, B.Bruan, said that PPP models in the healthcare should be developed to ensure affordability, accessibility and perfect infrastructure, Dr.M.Chandrasekhar, CEO Arogyasri, explained the pros and cons of PPP models.

“Till 2011, road accidents were the highest in China but India took the first place by 2013. Hyderabad city ranks fourth in India. So, a PPP model is mandatory to establish level one trauma center (basic stabilization). Later the patient can be shifted to tertiary care if needed,” Dr.Chandrasekhar added.

Healthcare ConferenceSharing his experiences in innovations, Dr. Balaji Utla, CEO of HMRI, maintained that tertiary care had taken over the ‘non-sexy’ part of primary and preventive care. According to him, any innovation should answer the question “how to reduce inequity in healthcare.”

Dr. Abhijeet, Cardiothoracic Surgeon from Century Hospitals, opined that health administrators have lot of scope to enter into public health.

Mr. RP Singh, CEO Indo-American Cancer Research Institute, said that innovation is required in any industry to survive and listed out the achievements of his organization implementing innovative ideas.

Dr. Vishnu Reddy, COO Yashoda Hospitals, made a parallel between western and Indian healthcare sectors and said: “India provides health care services at a very low cost with less waiting time and high quality treatments. Indian hospitals cost 95% less than US counter parts.”

Dr. Guruva Reddy, MD & CEO Sunshine hospital, added wit in a session on Marketing by saying, three kinds of people are required for setting up a hospital, i.e, friends, family and fools to trust you.

Mr. Venkat Chengavalli said: “In healthcare marketing, the patient discharge should be very delightful for a successful word of mouth.”

To a pertinent question put forward by the Chair of the concluding session, Dr.Malini Reddy as to “How to achieve success in service providing?” the guests’ response was as follows:

Mr. Tarun: Data and scientific approach

Mr. Venkat: Copy the successful procedures and paste in the right situations.

Dr. Guruva Reddy: Hit through the heart.

Mr. Mahesh Kalra: Quality.

The valedictory session had yet another stalwart from the Healthcare sector Dr. M.I. Sahadullah, Chairman, KIMS Hospital, Trivendrum who spoke on how it was important to have a human touch in our approach as that could be the greatest marketing strategy for any organization. The Guest of honour Dr. Kakarla Subbarao speaking at the valedictory highlighted the importance of integrity in approach when in healthcare.

The Conclave idea, proposed by the students of PGDHM, was facilitated and guided by Dr. Bhawna Gulati, Dr. Subodh Kandamuthan and Mrs Padmashree of the ASCI’s Healthcare Management Centre.

YBRATIONS 2016: ASCI PGDHM Annual Management Fest

YBRATIONS-2016, an annual Inter-College Management Fest of ASCI’s Post Graduate Diploma in Hospital Management (PGDHM) Course, held on February 27, 2016, was a grand success with daylong programs attracting around 500 students from various colleges in the City. The purpose of the fest was to expose and attract students for the PGDHM course starting 2016.

Dr. Subodh Kandamuthan, Director of Centre for Healthcare Management, shared the objective of the Fest with the energetic youngsters who thronged the College Park Campus to relish every bit of YBRATIONS. Dr. Abhijeet, a well-known cardio thoracic surgeon, set the ball rolling by formally inaugurating the Fest in the presence of Mr. Ravi Kant, Director General of ASCI, Dr. Usha Ramachandra, Dean of Training Programs, Dr. Bhawna Gulati, Associate Professor and Ms. Padmashree Radhaswamy, Asst Advisor Admissions and Placements.

Underlining the importance of management in healthcare, Dr. Abhijeet said that the presence of health care managers will lead to overall efficiency and quality in delivery of health care by the doctors and para-medical staff.

Mr. Ravi Kant, the Director General of ASCI, shared two secrets of success: plan one’s work and work one’s plan and develop various soft skills to be an effective professional.

Dr. Usha Ramachandra, DoTP, spoke on the genesis of the program and the illustrious history of ASCI while elaborating on the efforts made by ASCI to make PGDHM one of the best in India.

Debate competition, quiz, poster-making, face-painting, tattoo-making, singing, dancing and treasure hunt were among a host of other games marked the occasion. Prizes were given away to the winners based on their performance and talent. The packed auditorium till the end of the day spoke volumes about the success of YBRATIONS-2016!

Vibartana 2016 – National Healthcare Conference at ASCI

Vivartana, 2016, the annual national Healthcare Conference, was organized by staff and students of ASCI-PGDHM and attended by several prominent medical professionals, academicians from various reputed institutions and government representatives.

The welcome note of the inaugural session was delivered by Dr. Subodh Kandamuthan (Associate Professor and Director, Centre for Healthcare Management, ASCI-PGDHM).

Dr. Parmita Das Gupta (Director general- I/C) spoke about the socio economic challenges in the area of healthcare development with specific focus on probable future growth of healthcare industry.

Key note address was by Dr. Raju Narayanaswamy, IAS. Who spoke succinctly on poverty and malnutrition as the two major problems affecting India. This was followed by the speech of the special guest Dr. K.S. Ratnakar Head Global Research Foundation stressed on the great need for Healthcare managers to be exposed to every inch of the socio economic conditions of the community. He also spoke extensively on the national health policies in the panel discussion that followed the inaugural session.

Inaugural address was given by Dr. Kakarla Subbarao, Founder Director NIMS who started off his session by saying health and medicine are two different streams. He enumerated upon a technical revolution in health happening everywhere and he hoped that with the help of universal health insurance the transformation would occur to the extent that patients from all walks of life can come to the hospital without cash and get world class treatment.. He ended the session highlighting the importance of Medical education, training, skill development, punctuality and time management for any healthcare worker to be successful.

The inaugural session ended with Vote of thanks by Dr. Bhawna Gulati, Associate Professor, ASCI.
The first panel discussion had four well known names in the field of healthcare as speakers – Mr. Harikrishna, CEO Maxcure Hospitals, Dr. Ratnakar, Head Global Health Research Foundation, Mr Venugopal Reddy, Health Vertical Head, Tech Mahindra and Mr. Harish Manian, COO, Continental Hospital. The session was moderated by Dr. Subodh Kandamuthan, Director, Center for Healthcare Management, ASCI.

Mr. Harikrishna (CEO, Maxcure Hospital)- speaking at the first panel discussion, focusing on the recent developments in Hospital and healthcare management said that at present there are around 20,000 healthcare workers employed in the industry in Hyderabad and that the healthcare sector is growing at a fast rate. In essence he urged more and more healthcare professionals to be p[art of the sector.

Mr. Venugopal Reddy (Health vertical head, Tech Mahindra) said that India needs a lot of investment for improvement in analytics of healthcare and that it is important for this investment to happen as Health IT is about solving problem of accessibility, Health is moving from illness to wellness.

Mr. Harish Manian (CEO, Continental Hospital). He said that within half a decade to decade there won’t be any outpatients coming to hospitals as more and more home based medical treatment is becoming available for Indian population.

The next panel discussion was by the alumni of ASCI PGDHM and was moderated by Dr. Bhawna Gulati, Associate Professor, Center for Healthcare Management. The speakers were, Ms. Chitra Sharma, formerly with IIPH and presently a student at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Ms. Krishnaveni Nimmakayala, Senior Manager, Jaslok Hospital Mumbai and Dr. Jyotiram Das, Managing Partner: Integra Ventures – Streamlining Healthcare. They shared with the audience their perceptions and experiences of the challenges and solutions in healthcare and hospital management.

The chief Guest for the Valedictory session was Mr. Venkat Changavalli, Advisor, Home and Health UP Government and the former CEO EMRI. The moderator of the session was Ms. Padmashree Radhaswamy, Advisor, Admissions and Placements, ASCI PGDHM. The panache with which he delivered his address had the audience in peals of laughter – subtle humour and countless examples to endorse his points. He captivated the audience with his style of delivery, countless examples and wisdom. The valedictory session of the conference ended with closing remarks from Dr. Subodh Kandamuthan and Prize distribution by the Chief Guest to all the winners of the Poster and paper presentations from leading medical colleges, Pharmacy colleges and hospital management colleges.

The conference was a great learning for the students of ASCI PGDHM as they experienced countless management lessons in the process of executing it.

ASCI PGDHM Batch IX Convocation

Mr. K.Padmanabhaiah, Chairman, Administrative Staff College of India (ASCI), called upon students to interaction with people on daily basis to understand the nature of work we are doing and to have a vision to realize the work.

Addressing the convocation ceremony of IX batch of Post Graduate Diploma in Hospital Management (PGDHM) at ASCI’s College Park Campus auditorium on September 18, 2016, he urged students to have excellent interpersonal skills in order to work effectively and efficiently. He focused on the importance of not restricting the vision to hospital management alone but to broaden the horizon into other fields of healthcare.

Prof. Paramita Dasgupta, Director General, ASCI, observed that there should be constant self taught approach to ever changing technology to be successful personally and professionally, also to be updated about new approaches and ways of management. “The most fulfilling dimensions are how much service we are rendering to patients,” she said.

Mr. Kalyan K Roy, ASCI’s Registrar, Dr. Subodh Kandamuthan, Associate Professor and Director, Centre for Healthcare Management, ASCI-PGDHM and Dr. Bhawna Gulati, Associate Professor, Center for Helathcare Management, ASCI, were also present.

The Chief guest awarded certificates and as well as medals to the toppers of class to the graduating batch. The toppers of the batch are: 1. Dr.Pooja Mishra, 2. Dr. Renilyn Jacob and 3. Ramya Reddy and Niti.