Alumni Board

Dr. Sajid Ahmed


"Completing my MHA at ASCI provided me with the right foundation and skill sets to successfully integrate with the Indian and global health market. Key strengths of the program that helped me include excellent facilitators who imparted up-to-date and practical knowledge, constant exposure to relevant case studies and team work. As well, the residency which is a part of the program, enabled me to gain  the much needed confidence to face the challenges and succeed in my career as a health management professional"

Srikant Subudhi

ASCI MHA-Batch V (2003-2005)

"ASCI bags the title of being called as one of the premier educational Institutes, while it is also a place where people from varying backgrounds meet together and envision a better tomorrow. It is a temple of learning which helps building the inner strengths of each and every individual connected to it. The rigorous training in ASCI transforms you into a robust Manager. My experience in ASCI was unforgettable and cannot be jotted in few lines, I will always cherish it. The best part of ASCI is that the course structure is tailor-made to be at par with the advancement of the current healthcare scenario. On the other hand, the ASCI placement cell actively facilitates the process of mobilizing the prospective students to fit into the healthcare sector aptly. I wish them good luck and I hope all of them become strong drivers in the industry, in which we are a part from the past decade. All the very best for future endeavors."

Dr. Mudit Saxena

M.H.A Batch - I

"The year 1998 was a landmark year for us – Clinicians like me ventured into managing hospitals – an area which we were never exposed during our medical school training. As for ASCI – it stepped into the realm of full time program on Healthcare and Hospital Management. Being the first batch, we were called the “pioneers”, constituted by motley of professionals handpicked from various industries across the country to help each other learn from their experiences and grow.  The residential program at ASCI –HIHM bonded us together. The faculty from Johns Hopkins added deep insight into financial and care giver practices. We were exposed to various International Healthcare models with focus on the Indian healthcare needs. As a young team of Healthcare Administrators at ASCI-HIHM embarks on their journey to face the challenges and fuel the changes in this sector, I wish them all the best. I am sure you all will be the change which has a lot to contribute and I look forward to grow along with you. Keep up the good work at ASCI – HIHM. Warm Regards

G Balamurugan, BPT,

MHA batch – VI

“ASCI is one among the pioneering institutes offering Hospital and Healthcare Management Programme and for a decade it has been contributing significantly to the Healthcare sector. The environment in ASCI molds a person to adapt to external world & its challenges and become more professional. The same is carried forward as a brand image of ASCI by each and every participant wherever they are getting placed. The core focus of the programme is experience sharing of the Administrators of different fields and also to bring out the hidden abilities of the candidates through various activities. ASCI has created a market niche by contributing graduates with academic excellence, leadership qualities, analytical, and communication skills. There are many unforgettable days and moments from ASCI which make me forget the present.

Dr.Abhimanyu Bishnu

M.H.A Batch – V

ASCI has been a life-changing and perspective- changing experience for me. The various professional and personal means of enrichment I have gained at ASCI have helped me throughout life. . The quality of the curriculum and the course design was of exceptional nature, which helped me to gain a wide exposure to the intricate science and art of hospital and healthcare management. Additionally, the exposure gained to industry through visiting faculty lectures helped me to gain a wide perspective of healthcare management. On the personal front, I have had the chance to forge lifelong friendships with a wide cross section of people. We have had a chance to enjoy all the festivals and occasions such as Ganesh Chaturthi, Diwali, Dussehra, New Years Day, Holi etc. We also had the chance to pursue a variety of co-curricular activities such as badminton, swimming etc. ASCI has developed a great reputation in India in healthcare management and it is our duty as alumni to further maintain and sustain this. I look behind nostalgically to my ASCI days for having made me the person who I am, by turning me into an effective management professional. My full support and involvement will be there in all matters related to my Alma Mater, at all times.” With warm regards